Anselm's SCD Music

Here are some tunes I've written over the years. This is not the complete set, but I will add more tunes as I get around to cleaning them up for publication.

Everything here is published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, so do feel free to play these tunes in public or record them. No GEMA fees are due. (If you do publish a recording containing one of these tunes I'd appreciate a specimen copy for my files.)

Title Type Key
Alexandra West Jig C
Among the Clouds Jig G
Angela Michel's Farewell to Frankfurt Jig G
Antonella's Quickstep Reel F
Autumn Night Strathspey [Slow Air] A
College Wynd (suitable for the Lambeth Walk) Reel [March] C
Completely Accidental Reel Bb
Dagmar's Fancy Strathspey G
Daphne Scobie Jig G
The Decimal Strathspey Strathspey [10-bar] G
Dolphins in the Wake Jig C
Easter Snowflakes Reel Gm
Ella Sophie Waltz D
The Emperor Penguin's Reel Reel C
The February March Workshop Reel D
The Firebolt Jig G
Gifhorn Castle Jig Gm
The Hamburg Train Reel [Hornpipe] G
Kate from St Petersburg Strathspey [Slow Air] C
Kim's Magic Wand Strathspey [Slow Air] G
Lady Martina Reel G
Leaving the Nest Strathspey Dm
Love & Laughter Waltz G
Marycke's Strathspey Strathspey F
Miss Shona Allan's Welcome to the Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club Jig D
Monika's Reel Reel G
Mrs Gillian Wheadon Jig G
Mrs Liesl Otterbein Strathspey D
The Pearl of Brabant (for Frans Ligtmans) Strathspey [Slow Air] D
Powers of Ten Strathspey [10-bar] D
Rainy Sunday Jig Am
Rechberg Castle Waltz D
Red & Green (Petra's Hornpipe) Reel D
The Road to Rumgally Strathspey G
Sabine Sander's Reel Reel G
Silke's Two Times Ten Jig [10-bar] A
Sybille Föhrenbach Strathspey G
The Tallinn Town Hall Home-Made Medieval Elk Soup Incident Strathspey G
Totally Bonn Reel G
A Trip to Céligny Reel G
A Tune for April Strathspey F
Waltz for Jack Waltz G
The White Russian Schottische Strathspey D