Anselm's Web Site

Here is some information about me and the things I do.

  • I'm currently working as a software developer for KeyIdentity GmbH, which is a small company that specialises in innovative Identity and Asset Management (IAM) solutions.
  • In my spare time I'm a Scottish Country Dance teacher and musician, and on this site there are the books of dances I have published, plus a number of dance leaflets that haven't yet made it into a book. Also, in case you're interested, I'm available to teach SCD workshops at all levels, in German or English, at home or abroad, or play the piano for classes or functions. Do get in touch!
  • I maintain a bunch of web sites connected with SCD:
  • In a former life I used to be a Linux instructor and author of training materials. The company doing that has since ceased to exist, but I managed to extricate the training materials, which are pretty good (if I say so myself) and now available for free under the auspices of the tuxcademy project.
  • I have written two books that have been professionally published:
    • LaTeX Hacks, by O'Reilly Germany (2007, ISBN 978-3897214774). This seems to be out of print now — at least Amazon is only selling used copies, or new ones from dodgy dealers abroad at absolutely outrageous prices.
    • LPIC-1 by mitp (2016, ISBN 978-3958452978). This book on the Linux Professional Institute's introductory certification is in its 6th edition now, with the 7th being planned.
  • Another hobby of mine is photography, and you can look at some of my photographs on my gallery page.

If you have questions or suggestions about this web page or simply want to touch base, feel free to write to me at